LXNE Summer Recreation Lacrosse

In our inaugural year, we will be offering opportunities for U12 and U14 Boys lacrosse teams. We plan to offer opportunities for girls, and younger players in the future. 

We believe that to grow the sport, and secure the future of lacrosse, we must focus on the development of strong, high-school affiliated, youth feeder programs. This approach ensures players grow and develop with their future teammates, and a continual flow of competitive players throughout all age levels.  

We will require affiliated feeder programs to submit their own rosters, and we will coordinate schedules, ensure appropriate referees, trainers, equipment and field set. We will unfortunately not be able to accommodate individual player registrations. 

Games will be scheduled in both Omaha and Lincoln, and we look forward to expanding beyond that in future years. 


High-School Affiliated Organization Representatives: 

-Please reach out to revonna@lacrossenebraska.com for information on dates, prices, locations and other additional information.  

-Please use the file below to complete your roster. It is imperative that this be filled out in full, and as is in the template. The form will then be turned in and uploaded to our system- changes to the file format are not able to be recognized. 


If your child is interested in playing lacrosse this summer, please reach out directly to your High-School affiliated clubs for further information., or email us at info@lacrossenebraksa.com.

We follow the NELAX guidelines for school districts. For additional information please contact NELAX www.nebraskalax.com

LXNE Summer Recreation Lacrosse