Lacrosse Nebraska's Story

Lacrosse Nebraska was founded in 2020 by Scott Rosa and Revonna White. The inaugural season will be Summer of 2021.

As parents of lacrosse players who continually saw and heard the desire for additional lacrosse opportunities in the state, Scott, with his skill, history and knowledge of lacrosse, and Revonna, with her entrepreneurial and operations background, decided to take action. With the goal of building a thriving and diverse league with options for elite players, growing players, and those new to the sport, Lacrosse Nebraska was born.

We love lacrosse because it is exciting, fast paced, and challenging, with TONS of room for growth. It teaches teamwork, dedication, and sportsmanship. It has also provided the ground for lifelong friendships. You will see our travel team is called 'Wolfpack'. This is in honor to the kids and parents who over the years have grown to become our lacrosse family, our 'wolfpack'. We hope to foster a league atmosphere that cultivates these types of relationships for every participant.

In our first seasons there will assuredly be plenty of growth opportunities. We plan to start small so that we can ensure the quality of our program, and scale at a rate that ensures excellence is maintained. We look forward to the participation and engagement from coaches, parents and players, and will strive to have open and clear communication, so that we can build the best program possible.

Scott and Revonna